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~ Tigger's Pics ~

I've had a little update to my car in as much as a few things have changed. Well a lot really. See below for the full spec.
 The first 14 pics are the start, the last few are as it is now.

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Brief Details about the car

This is a 1992 Westfield SE - built by someone else who used it for drag racing.  Believe me when I say that it is far easier to build than Re-build as you have to fix the previous owners mistakes (if there are any) which in this case were many.
I have listed my rebuild on another page (See my build).  It has been rewired by hand in as much as Wire by wire rather than buying a built loom. It took perishing ages but it's very satisfying to see it working (First time too).

I was going to spray the car but after doing the front wings and nosecone, I lost heart as it started to chip so as you can see in the later pics, it has been re-bodied, I'm so pleased with it now.

Before I re-bodied it, I fitted a 16 valve Vauxhall XE engine. This was a must as a few months ago, our club went for a rather fast blat and I got left behind somewhat, so an upgrade was top of the list. I've listed as many parts and tips in the XE Build pages,  I hope you find this useful.

  • 2.0 16 valve XE from a Calibra
  • Twin 45 Dellortos with 36mm chokes
  • Vauxhall 8v Distributor and coil
  • ARP Rod bolts
  • Special alloy sump
  • Early Vauxhall flywheel (Lighter than later ones)
  • Omex Rev limiter fitted as I was afraid of over-revving the engine, it revs so easily.
  • 163 bhp @ wheels, not sure what this equates to but the guy at the rolling road said
    you lose about 25% so that would make it around the 203bhp at the flywheel?
  • SBD 4-2-1 steel exhaust manifold
  • Wunoff 6" silencer
  • Standard Spax adjustable dampers all round
  • Cortina uprights
  • Escort Live axle with 4.1 ratio
  • Ford Type 9 with standard ratios
  • Modified gear-lever
  • VW polo aluminium / plastic radiator
  • Pacet fan 12" fan
  • Rover expansion tank with minimum hosing
  • Home made dash fitted with yellow ETB intruments
  • Fitting an Omex rev limiter as I don't want to wreck the engine - Done!
  • Finishing off the spray job - Canned, rebodied instead
  • Fit an engine management system some time
  • Possibly fit a close ratio gearbox