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~ Nick's Pics ~

This is Nicks 1996 Seiw with Vauxhall power.
He has been in America for a while and whilst he was there, he raced his car.  They weren't sure what is was as they apparently don't see many Westfield's but were very surprised by the performance of this little rocket.
Now Owned by Asterix (Peter).

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Spec of Car:

This is a 1996 Westfield SEiW - built from a modular kit by me between May and August and then rebuilt in its current form in 2001 / 2002, returning to the road in July 2002. The car has covered a little over 20,000 miles from new and the new engine a little over 5,000.

Engine :
  • 1.6 16 valve Vauxhall Ecotec engine (from early Vauxhall Corsa Gsi)
  • Individual tapered throttle bodies
  • Distributorless ignition
  • ECU - MBE 967
  • uprated cams but retained hydraulic cam followers
  • Standard crank
  • Arrow / SBD steel con rods
  • Omega forged "high top" pistons
  • Lightened and balanced standard flywheel
  • Helix sprung paddle clutch plate with Helix uprated clutch cover
  • Bottom end completely balanced by Gosnays - crank, flywheel, clutch, pulleys, rods, pistons, etc.
Power :
  • 150bhp at the rear wheels so approx 185bhp at the flywheel
Oil system :
  • SBD / Pace dry sump system - sealed type so engine breathers have been removed / sealed
  • SBD dry sump tank
  • Risbriger "Cool-tec" aerospace spec oil filter.
  • Mocal oil cooler
Exhaust :
  • SBD 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
  • SBD 6" carbon silencer
Steering :
  • Cat Motorsport quick rack - 2.2 ratio, reduced to 1.9 with lock stops
  • Racetech quick release steering wheel / boss
Suspension :
  • AVO adjustable dampers (steel) with spherical bearings at each corner
  • Cortina uprights
  • Cat Motorsport aluminium hubs
  • Poly bushed throughout
  • Standard track front suspension
  • Rose-jointed upper front wishbones
Brakes :
  • Fluke Motorsport lightweight discs all round
  • Outlaw M16 billet aluminium front calipers
  • Sierra 4x4 rear calipers
  • AP large bore master cylinder (13/16" bore)
  • Aeroquip steel braided hose throughout the car
  • Wilwood brake bias valve
Gearbox :
  • Tran-X (Ford Type 9) straight cut, close ratio synchromesh gear set
  • Flowtech aluminium gearbox casing and lid
  • Westfield gear-lever extension
Cooling system :
  • VW Golf double pass aluminium / plastic radiator
  • Pace aluminium header tank
  • 74 degree thermostat
Dashboard / Interior :
  • Mychron MXL dash display / data logger
Misc :
  • Sierra viscous LSD fitted - 3.9 ratio
  • Full roll cage fitted by Caged - April 2004
  • Tim Duncan "Just The One" Aeroscreen