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This is the largest list of Home Builds you will see, if you want yours here, please email me and I will add it.
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Westfield Build Sites

WebsiteModel EngineComments
A Westie is BornMX5 SDV 1.6 Mazda A Promising build of a Mazda MX5 SDV Westfield with lots of pictures and tips along the way
Andy's MX-5 SDV Westfield buildMX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda A new build of a Westfield SDV kit with detailed build times and lots of photos. A good resource if you're thinking of building.
Arrow Clubman Blog Seiw Toyota 4age 20v silvertop A New build of an Australian Clubman 7 with lots of info and photos of the car. Interesting if your about to embark on a buld.
Bear RacingSeiw1.6 XFlow A Great new westfield site with some good info and nice pics
Bertram Bakker WestfieldSeiwZetecA Dutch site with a webcam - good idea (also a GTM Libra build)
Bob's Megablade PageMegabladeHonda FirebladeAnother Good Site on a Bike engined Car.
BRg7 Build's Blog Seiw Mazda 1.8 Turbocharged A blog on what could be an interesting build of a Miata powered Westfield with some trick parts including keyless ignition and an in-car PC!!
Build a Megabusa New Megabusa Suzuki Hayabusa A blog of a black Westfield Megabusa fitted with a FW rear and standard front end.
Building a WestfieldSpeedsport1.8 ZetecAn easy to navigate modular build of a Speedsport.
Buzz Billsberry RacingSeight Rover V8A Gallery of Buzz's exploits around the world plus more
ChargedPat's Westfield MX5 MX5 SDV MX5 An interesting build diary of a Supercharged MX5 SDV Kit
Chris Bradley's Speedsport BuildSpeedsport2.0 ZetecVery good site with lots of interesting stuff. well put together.
Chevrolet WestfieldSeight6.6 Chevy (400ci)A must see gallery, a 500bhp monster engine fitted into this Westfield
Clubman's HomepageClubman Sei20 Valve thingy An Australian westfield Build site, strange to see it being painted in the bush.
Conrad's Castle1988 SE2.0 Vauxhall XEThere is stuff about Conrad's westfield but you may have to search a bit
Cosworth WestfieldSE2.0 Cosworth YB A new westfield build diary in the process of being put together, engine looks sweet
DeadpineappleSeiw1.8 ZetecA rebuild of a 2nd hand Seiw by the looks with info on 1.6 Cvh too.
Flyin' Miata Seiw 1.8 Mazda American site building the new "SDV" westfield based on a Mazda MX5. They also deal in Mazda MX5's too.
Frank's MX5 Westfield MX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda Interesting build of a Mazda MX5 SDV with Megasquirt and a Turbo - Belgium
FW500 Seiw 2.0 Vauxhall Turbo Excellent site and an awesome project, check it out
G-Performance??New Belgian build site with cars for sale and future plans for Tech help section
Graham's Westfield Build MX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda Grahams's Westfield blog of his MX5 SDV build. Some good info for budding builders of this westfied model.
Hank's Megabusa Megabusa Suzuki Hayabusa An american site describing the build and eventual racing of his white megabusa westfield.
Hartmut's Westfield V8 Seight Rover V8 A Build of a 320 bhp V8 Westfield from Germany
HarvsportSeiw 2.0 ZetecNot a big site but a great car. Pics of the rebuild are nice
How to build a carSeiw 1.8 Zetec What to do or more importantly, what not to do when building a Westfield
Inge Jonsson's SiteMX5/SDV1.6 Mazda Inge has built this website to show off his rather nice Westfield made in Sweden.
Interstellar MotorsportSeiw1.8 ZetecThis is more of a Westfield's racing site with specs on racing and the cars.
Jacob Jos BlogspotSei1.7 XflowAn ongoing rebuild of my 1988 Westfield SEi with X-flow engine after a crash in 2011.
J, J&M's Westfield Build New Sport Special 2.0 Zetec A blog of Jon and his two son's Building a Westfield Sport Special Edition with a Zetec 2.0L and Feather Weight Bodywork.
Jeff Cooper CarsMegabusa1.3 Hayabusa Spec, Pics & Videos of Jeff's nicely painted megabusa. He also sells them too
Jessop RacingSE2.0 Vauxhall XE Wezzy's site with gallery and some details of his car
Jim's WestfieldSpeedsport1.8 Zetec A 2 year build-up of a very orange westfield.
John's Westfield Build Page1800q1.8 ZetecA Module build of a Zetec with Throttle bodies, Clean easy website
Juansolo's Stuff IIISe (Narrow)2.1 CosworthGeneral site with a section on Juan's Purple Westfield
Just-the-OneSeiw2 Kawasaki ZX9R Website on a twin Bike engined westfield - Whoa!
Kerry's Westfield BuildSeiwZetecVery impressive menu system, easy to read website
Kevin's Westfield Build Seiw Sport 2.0 Zetec Kevin's journey blog building his FW bodystyled Westfield with throttle body upgrade and carbon fibre bits.
Kev's Westfield BuildSE Clubman2.0 NissanAn Australian site building an unusual Nissan SR20DE engined car.
KT Green MotorsportSeiw2.3 DuratecPictures and Videos on this website with other stuff too
Little Red WestfieldSE2.0 PintoA General website on Steve and his Red westfield & other stuff
MaggieSeiwZetecA Build site from Netherlands of a car called "Maggie", nice close up pics.
Mark's Mazda SDV WestfieldMX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda Another Mazda SDV but first, Mark has to build a workshop!
MX5 Westfield BuildMX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda An informtive build Blog of a Westfield Mazda SDV by Rick
Megabird Megabird1.1 Honda CBR Great westfield build diary with Loads of Pics, great for the bike engine enthusiasts. Can't ask for much more from this website.
Megabusa build Megabusa 1.3 Suzuki Hayabusa Brand new site of a westfield Megabusa build, could be interesting
Mellow YellowSeiw 2.0 Vauxhall XE My new westfield build diary of an Seiw with vauxhall xe power - Nice design
Mikes SeightSeight4.2 Rover V8A Green site to go with a Green car, good pics of the engine install
MX5 Westfield BuildMX5/SDV 1.6 Mazda An informtive build Blog of a Westfield Mazda SDV by Rick
My Westfield Adventure SDV Mazda 1.6 Mazda A New build Blog for a Westfield Mazda SDV from Gunther
My Westfield BuildSew1.6 Toyota 4age An Australian westfield Build diary. How they do it down-under.
My Westfield SeightSeightRover V8A Module build of a Seight with a Rover SD1 engine
My Westfield ZeiZei1.8 ZetecA German with English pages, Pics & Mods of this rare Zei
Neil's Westfield Site1989 SEI1.6 XFlowA good clean site with lots of info on part numbers etc
Niklas Westfield  MegabusaMegabusa1.3 HayabusaLots of big pictures but no text as yet
Pat's WestfieldMegabird1.1 Honda CBRA Brief website about building a Megabird
Paul's StuffSeiw2.0 Vauxhall XESome pics of Paul's Westfield and other stuff too.
Paul's Westfield BuildSeiw1.8 ZetecVery professional looking website on a new modular build.
Peter & Marc's Westfield BuildSeiw2.0 Vauxhall XEFollow Peter & Marc and they build up their Westfield seiw from bare chassis to IVA.
Roland's SeightSeight3.9 V8A German site with build details and plenty of pics.
Seight (UK) SeightV8Good site if you want to go the V8 way.
Svalles V82002 Seight3.5 V8Another Swedish site, not translated yet. Good build up in still progress
TangotopSeiw2.0 ZetecA new build of an Orange Zetec westfield with throttle bodies, looks good so far, a nice homebuild site.
The Westfield ProjectSeiw2.0 ZetecGood site with detailed build-up diary and pictures.
The Wraight WebsiteSeiw1.6 CVHFamily website with some pics & Specs of David's Car
Tim & Toms1999 SeiW1.8 ZetecA Very detailed build-up site.
Two go mad in the Garage2006 Seiw1.8 ZetecHow two numpties try to build a Westfield Kitcar - New Blog
TTSMegabusa1.3 SuperchargedA Very powerful Nitrous AND Supercharged Busa - The ultimate build surely?
TurbobladeMegabladeHonda FirebladeGood well sorted site for all you Bike nutters out there. Plenty of info, weights & Specs.
Vinny's WestfieldSE2.0 ZetecA conversion of a CVH to a 2.0 Zetec
Walker's WorldNot Sure2.0 XESome Excellent info on Converting to Megasquirt ECU & Injection
Welkom bij WestfieldbuildSeiw2.0 DuratecA Dutch Website showing the build of his Silver Duratec
Werner's Seven siteSeiw1.8 Audi 20VTYet another new German site added with an un-usual engine
Westfield SDV1.6 MazdaA New website following the build of a Mazda based SDV
Westfieldbouwen Seiw 2.0 Zetec New build website of a Zetec Westfield in the Netherlands.
Photos available here until website finished.
Westfield & Other kitcars SE 1.6 Pinto A build and Re-build of a live axle 1992 Westfield SE including a diary of an endurance trial
Westfield 7 SE Honda Blackbird A conversion of a Westfield SE to Honda Blackbird 1100 cc engine power.
Westfield 2000Seiw2.0 ZetecVery clean site with full spec of car. Take a look
Westfield Aerorace 300 AeroRace 300 2.0 Zetec Our first Facebook Westfield build of an Aero Race 300 with the usual facebook gallery etc. Comments in french.
Westfield BuildSE1.6 PintoBuild from stripping the escort to full build. Mostly pics. 
Westfield Build, Mazda Mazda SDV Mazda 16v A Blog build up of a Mazda SDV with hundreds of photos and due to be finished early 2012?
WestField Car Build - Part DeuxSENo engine yetAn American blog site rebuilding a smashed up SE
Westfield Car Project Speedsport1.8 Zetec An excellent build diary full of Hints, Tips & SVA Info
Westfield Erik Seiw2.0 Zetec A Dutch build of a Westfield Seiw with Zetec 2.0 engine. Site is written in Dutch but pictures are universal :-)
Westfield BuildSE1.6 PintoBuild from stripping the escort to full build. Mostly pics.
Westfield Build Diary Mazda SDV Mazda 16v A near completion build blog of a Blue Westfield SDV with Mazda power. Lots of details images of the westfield build.
Westfield Fireblade Track Car SEI Honda Fireblade A new site documenting the trials and tribulations of completely rebuilding, stiffening the chassis and converting a 1993 SEI Narrow to Honda 919 Fireblade power for track days
Westfield Lotus ElevenEleven?The story of a Westfield Eleven, not many seen these days.
Westfield MegabladeMegabladeHonda FirebladeJust some pictures and spec of the car on this site.
Westfield ProjectSeiw2.0 OpelA Swedish Build Site with Loads & Loads of pictures
Westfield Mega SeightSeightV8A Mega Seight indeed. 5.1 litres and 350bhp - wow!
Westfield Seight (German)SeightV8All German site so I'm afraid I don't know what it says?
Westfield Seight BuildSeightV8Adams build up of a Seight, Lots of build info including costs/time etc
Westfield Sew ClubmanSE1.6 Toyota 4ageAnother Australian build site for our overseas enthusiasts.
Westfield SPA 1995 Westfield1700 XFlowGood American Site.
Westfield XI build Eleven 275cc A-series At last, a Westfield Eleven build blog showing the problems and joys of building one of these beautiful cars by Dave & Mel
Westfield Zei220 Factory Zei200Zei220Rebuild of one of the fastest Westfield's in the UK?
WesticlesNot Sure?CVH & BikeA site with featuring 2 cars. A CVH to Blackbird conversion included. Not all links work.
WestieWebSeiw Speedsport2.0 ZetecSome nice Arty pictures and general info on a Speedsport
Westy Build Seiw 2.0 Vauxhall XE A simple site with a few galleries, not quite finished yet though?
09 Westfield Build Seiw 2.3 Duratec Bruce & Matt's Westfield seiw build in Australia of a 2.3 Duratec powered westfeld. Follow their blog for more info. 
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Other Seven type cars

Bike transplant Central LocostYamaha R1A good site on how to convert your car to Bike Power
MK Indy HellfireMK Indy Kawasaki Zx12R Full diary of a build & rebuild of a MK indy with a Honda Fireblade Engine then rebuild with ZX12R engine. Full pictures and diary with video of events
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