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~ Spence's Pics ~

A very picturesq gallery of Spenc's Pre-lit Seven.
He bought this car off a fellow member of the WSCC and it's a great example.

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Extensive Engine Specs of Spence's Pre-lit Seven:

Block: Ford X/Flow Later 711m Block, bored to 83.5mm(Steel Main Caps)

Pistons: Arias Forged Lightweight racing pistons

Crank & Rods: Standard Ford

Flywheel: Steel Racing, Lightweight

Camshaft: Kent Cams 234 – Duplex Timing Chain & Vernier gauge

Cylinder Head: Janspeed Stage III ported, gas flowed, double valve springs with a recessed head for high lift.
Cylinder Head is converted to unleaded with Compression Ratio of 10:4:1

Rocker Gear: Titan Racing Roller Rockers
Alloy Rocker Cover. (Paper gasket FP703A)

Clutch: MkII Escort Clutch Plate 1" 23 Spline -190mm (FP262A)
MkII Escort Pressure Plate, Curly Finger diaphragm -190mm (FP260D)
MKII RS2000 Release Bearing for Curly Finger plate (ECB113)
Crankshaft Spigot Bearing (Burton Power FP347) Ford (1596468)
All Internals are Race Micro Balanced.

Clutch Cable: Std Ford Escort / Sierra Clutch cable

Sump: Jenvey Dynamics

Sump Gasket: Competition Sump Gasket – felt racing (FP713KC)

Carburation: 2 x Webber 40mm DCOE 151’s with K&N Filters
Fixing Kit: Sandwich Plate x4 (RD406), Mounting Kit (RD266)

Exhaust Manifold: Standard Westfield 4-2-1.

Exhaust Box: Merlin Motorsport Re-packable Race Can in Stainless Steel

Belts: Poly V Pulley Set for Water Pump, Alternator & Crank Pulley.

Ignition: Luminition Electronic

Distributor: Aldon X/Flow Lucas based unit – non vacuum (FL300)
Distributor Cap - Side Entry Lucus (DDB194), Rotor Arm (DRB104)

Oil Cooler: Mocal 13 row oil cooler & Mocal Thermostat Plate

Oil Pump: Kent Cams high capacity – high pressure (FP201A)

Oil Filter: Std Ford - EFL 500 Oil Filter (Ford Part No. 1072434)

Head Gasket: Ajusa Racing 83.5mm Oversize (FB731)

Exhaust Manifold Gaskets:  Large Bore Crossflow (FP702A)

Inlet Manifold: Standard Ford/Webber manifold (Gasket: FP701)

Thermostat: Standard X/Flow, 88 oC (ERT9)
Thermostat Gasket (FP706)

Gearbox: Ford Sierra Type 9, 5 Speed gearbox. (1” 23 splines)

Bell Housing: MkII RS 2000 Alloy Bell Housing & Lever Arm

Gear Lever: Standard Shortened Sierra with Momo Gearnob.
Special top plate for checking oil level with air breather system.

Propshaft: Standard Westfield

Axle: MkII RS Mexico Standard rear axle. (3:9 ratio)

Handbrake: Mixture of Morris Marina & Ford Escort

Engine Mounts: Heavy duty Rally X Flow engine mounts
1 x Small mount (Exhaust side) & 1 x Large Mount (Inlet side - Order from Peter Lloyd Rallying: 01656 724777)

Alternator: Converted to Polly V Belt System (Belt: FP316)

Shocks: Spax Westfield Standard Spec, Race adjustable damping
Front: Set to approx: 5-6 Clicks out of 20
Rear: Set to approx: 2-3 Clicks out of 20

Anti Roll Bar: Westfield wide body anti roll bar, modified and fitted.



  • Spark Plug Gap - 25 Thou
  • Valve Clearance – 0.22” (0.56mm) Inlet, 0.24” (0.61mm) Exhaust.
  • Engine Oil – Valvoline Racing 20W50
  • Sump Capacity - 6pints
  • Gearbox Oil – MT75 Comma Synthetic for Ford 5 Speed.
  • Diff Oil – Catrol EP80
  • Coolant System Capacity – 6 ltrs approx.
  • Tyre Pressures – 18 – 20 psi
  • Fuel – Runs on unleaded, prefers super unleaded
  • Brake Fluid – Lucas Dot 5.1
  • Front Pads – Ford Cortina MKIII
    Front Disks – 2.8i Capri Vented
  • Engine originally built by Steve Parker Racing in Stanstead, Essex in March 1999
  • Re-built by Autocross Motor Sports in Bracknell in June 2002.

Paint Code: CFC 748, Jaguar Signal Red