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~ Kevin's Pics ~

This is a Limited Edition GTZ with a Zetec engine.
Kevin has asked me to feature his car here, see below for some of the spec and mods he has done to the car.

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View of the rollbar
Hood Bag

Details of Kevin's Car.

My car is a 2001 factory built Westfield SeiW GTZ limited edition (car 7 of 15).
This basically means that it came as standard with a silver top 1800 Zetec and 45mm Jenvey throttle bodies, which Nothampton Motorsport has just confirmed gives out 155 bhp.

It has carbon fibre effect front wings and rear arch protectors, carbon effect rear tail/brake/indicator pods and an alpha steering wheel. As you can see from the pictures I have replaced the fog and reverse lights to match and also made a carbon fibre effect boot lid, with a Caterham SV hood bag to finish it off. since the opening part of my boot isn't wide enough to squeeze in the weather gear.

Now I have fitted the RAC roll bar, my old hood still fits but it hangs down a little over my head, so to cure this I cut up my old hood frame and made a square'ish U shaped frame, that sits on the hood seam above your head, with the frame bolted to the old fixings and strapped to the RAC bar which works very well.
As this frame is in four parts I can also fit them inside the hood bag, so no need for an ugly hood frame to sit above my boot cover. When my roof is up next I'll take a pic and show you what I mean, in case it is helpful to anyone else.

I have also fitted front and rear ant-roll bars and AP racing 4 pot front brakes and master cylinder, and a 7" diameter Raceline exhaust manifold and non-repackable exhaust with a catalytic converter (how heavy!!! - 12kg someone said).
Some stick on carbon fibre sheet came in handy to edge the bodywork where the primaries come out and to cover the lambda sensor hole left by the old Westfield exhaust, as the Raceline one has the lambda sensor boss mounted on the 4th primary inside the engine bay.
I then fitted a red starter button, a headlamp flash switch and also swapped over the indicators and horn (toggle switch replaced by button), because I couldn't get on with the indicators on the right hand side of the steering wheel. I replaced the the indicator, main beam, ignition warning lights with chrome rimmed ones which are now bright enough to actually see, so no more leaving the indicator lights flashing by mistake.

Finally I fitted a billet aluminium oil catch tank with a breather filter, replaced my knackered Delta battery with a lovely Odyssey PC680 gel cell battery which works a treat and is only 6.1 kg, and fitted a "Streetwise JS196" high level LED brake light to my roll bar.
Apart from that, it is all standard Westfield stuff: 15inch rims shod with 195X55xR15 Avon ZV1 tyres, front and rear - with Westfield dust caps. Standard non-LSD differential and MT75 gearbox Standard wet sump (until I can get a nice Raceline cast one).
Black sports seats/carpets with blue edging Momo carbon fibre effect gear knob 4 point Willans harnesses with blue harness pads.