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This page is in two parts, Westfield Info (Top) and Site Info (Bottom)
Generally, it's anything that's not in the Technicl section that may be of some use.

Westfield Information

Torque Chart - These are the basic torque settings for when you build or rebuild your Westfield.

FAQ Sheet - Some of the more Frequently Asked Questions about Westfield's.

Alternative Parts List - Info on what parts can be used as an alternative to Westfield's own supplied bits.

Kitcar shows 2009- A Quick view of the shows scheduled for 2005.

How to Own a Westy - Want to own a Westfield, check out the options available on this page.

Westfield Models Listing - A Listing of each model and a brief spec of what is available.

My Build (3 parts) - The story of my 1st build. It's a Westfield SE with a 1972 Lotus Twin-cam tightly squeezed in.

Ideal Tool List - A List of some of the things you may need during a new build - Just a suggestion.

Tips 'n' Tricks - Some Tips and Tricks picked up from various resources to help you along the way.

News & Articles - News & Articles submitted by readers of this site or found from other sources on the web.

Westfield History - A History of the Westfield Sportscar.

Sprint Tracks - A Listing of some of the more Popular Sprint and Hillclimb Tracks available in the UK with maps & Videos

Physics of Racing - A Series of articles by Brian Beckman on the Physics of Racing

Books & DVD's - A Listing of books & DVD's all Car related. Easy to browse and buy


Site Information

Cars For Sale - Things for Sale on this website, feel free to advertise - for free.

Parts For Sale - Things for Sale on this website, feel free to advertise - for free.

Car Related books - A large selection of Car books from Amazon.

Wanted - A Wanted section, anybody can advertise.

Sitemap - The Site Map - what more needs to be said.


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