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~ News & Articles ~

Here are some News facts & Articles that have either been submitted or I have found on the web.


Westfield Sportscars have once again proven that they are at the forefront of Kitcar design and produced an All Electric Sportscar bases on their Sport 200S chassis design. The car has an all up weight of around 520kg and a 0-60 of 5 seconds which is surprising for an electric car.

Design students from universities, further education colleges and senior streams of secondary schools will be invited to enter a competition to design the body for the world's first one-make electric vehicle race series. ...... READ MORE
Register before 24th Feb 2008

The Physics of Racing

A very in depth set of articles on the Physics of Racing by Brian Beckman.
This is free to download in .pdf format or read online.
Some of the technicalities are way over my head but most have given me much food for thought regarding racing a Westfield around a track, what it does and how it does it. Well worth a read.

Diesel Westfield: (08/01/06)

Ever thought of fitting a Diesel into a Westfield, well Paul has.
He has finally got the engine in and still has a few things to sort but so far, it's looking good.
As he wrote:

"Fiting a Diesel in a Westfield, a ford 1800 td with high mpg and lots of power. Is this the way forward? Yes it is, l've done it and it will be on the road for March 1st so look out lads for the Westfield Whale of Wakefield"

Below are some pictures of the install:
Diesel1 Diesel2 Diesel3 Diesel4

Just goes to show, anything is possible so watch out for him this summer!


This is an email from a Westfield-world reader:

I have just sent off my deposit today for my Westfield - only 40 years since I sat in a Lotus 7 at Wiscombe Park hill climb in Devon as a 13 year old lad!
I was at the factory last Saturday with a view to getting an 1800Q but I was offered a "special offer" of a 1800Sport but with a standard Zetec injection system and an aftermarket ECU.

This comes at similar cost to the 1800Q but able to have a new or personalised reg rather than the Q and 120+ bhp.
I was told this arose from Ford offering Westfield a 100 "spare" engines! It seems they are the earlier hydraulic followers rather than the later mechanical ones,  but hey - it was fun to drive and very tractable for road use.

An Astra van overtook me but I was conscious of obeying speed limits - strikes me you are asking for careful inspection by the constabulary driving a Westfield near Dudley!

Hope info is of use - delivery of glorified Tamiya kit due in September - too much to do before that including daughter's wedding!


Kerry, from Derby

Westfield Eleven Re-launch

Westfield Sportscars Ltd have decided to re-launch their original model of the classic styled Westfield Eleven this year (2004).
Prices start around £8,950 including Vat and a £100.00 deposit is needed to secure you name on the production list.

For more details, See this link - Westfield Eleven

Westfield Sportscars Ltd

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