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~ Alternative Parts ~

This page contains information on some of the parts you can buy from places other than the Westfield Factory.
Part Numbers are only a guideline so please check before buying as they do change.

DescriptionDetailsPart Number
AlternatorStandard Zetec AlternatorFord LRA100 or
Calipers M16 Ford Mk3/4 & 5 CortinaDelphi LC3008 / LC3009 (Left & Right)
Cycle Wings Stays Tiger Sportscars do a cheaper alternative to the Westfield items. They will fit the standard Cortina uprights but will need spacers which Tiger can supply 
Ball Joint - TopThis is a Ford Transit Drag Link 1975-85. Standard fitting on Se/Sei but not sure about later models (i.e. megablade etc). Ensure you get the RIGHT HAND THREAD one as ford do two typesQD1117RHT
or Delphi TA298
Ball Joint - Bottom Older type Westfield's used the Ford Cortina (4 bolts). The newer types now use the BL Maxi (2 bolts)Maxi P/N: QSJ602X
or Delphi TC32
Brake Calipers M16 Ford Mk3/4 & 5 CortinaDelphi LC3008 / LC3009 (Left & Right)
Brake Disks Ford Cortina Mk3/4 & 5 
Fuel Cut-offInertia cut off switch from the Peugeot 106 - 406 
RadiatorPolo Radiator from 1.0/1.3 litre. Year: 10/90 - 9/94
Core Size 430mm x 322. Will fit most models inc ducted nose. This is also a much lighter option to the standard copper Radiators
17321B   867 121 253E
Radiator Header Tank Older type Westfield's used the Maxi/Marina.  The newer types are from the Ford Fiesta 
Radiator Thermostat If you have a Polo Rad and need a cooler Thermo switch for your fan, you can get one to fit from a FIAT UNO. This runs at 87-92 Degrees 
Rear BrakesFord Sierra or VW Golf Mk2 
Rear DisksFord Escort Mk4 (diam 240, offset 57, thick 10mm) 
Seat MountingsAdjustable mounts from the Peugeot 205 
Starter MotorStarter Motor for Zetec to Type 9 gearbox - Small housingLucas LRS543
Steering RackFord Escort Standard Steering rackLOC TS 117
Track Rod EndsFrom Ford Cortina & Escort.VB316
Wheel BoxMini Wheel box for the wiper assemblyRover P R37H 7200
Wiper BrushesMini Wiper replacement brushesRover P RRTC 198A

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