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~ Ideal Tool List~

I've been asked many times what tools you will need to build a Westfield so below is a list - Some are obvious but not all.


Description Main Use Frequency Notes
Socket set Anything mechanical Very often Good set of 8mm - 19mm & 3/8" - 7/8"
41mm Socket Fitting rear hub nuts Rarely Borrow one, you will use this twice (2 nuts)
Combination Spanners Anything mechanical Very often Good set of 8mm - 19mm & 3.8" - 7/8"
Ratchet Spanners Anything Mechanical Sometimes Not really necessary but handy
Star Drive sockets (Torx) Some engines & Gearbox's Rarely Ford & Vauxhall sometimes use them
Torque Wrench Engine & Chassis Often 150ft/lb will do most except Rear hub nuts and Vauxhall crank bolts etc (250ft/lb)
Screwdrivers Anything with a screw Often Set of Posi-drive and Flat blades
Hammer & Mallet To hit things with Rarely Soft mallet is more use but when needs must .... A hammer will do
Allen Keys Engine, Diff, Lobros Often 1mm - 10mm
Taps Cleaning out holes Rarely Borrow a set if you can
Circlip Pliers   Rarely Fitting lobros, Engine work
"C" Spanner Adjusting Dampers Rarely Not needed if you get you suspension setup buy a professional
Electric Drill Drilling obviously Very often Cordless are handy but a good Power drill is a must
Dremmel Bodywork, trimming, drilling, cutting Fairly often A very versatile tool, you will wonder how you ever worked without one
Grinder Trimming and modding Fairly often Depends on how much DIY you want to do
Drill set Drilling Often Use good drill and buy lots of 4.1mm for fitting chassis panels
Files Trimming Fairly often Tapered Round, flat, half moon * square
Hacksaw Cutting Fairly often Depends on how much DIY you want to do
Tape Measure Measuring Very Often A good steel retractable one
"G" Clamps Fitting body & Panels Often Get Various sized metal ones
Workmate Lots of uses Often Unless you have a good bench, this is a wonderful tool
Bench Vice Lots of uses Often I use a 10" but a bigger one would be nice
Westfield Build Stands Supporting during build Only at start You can make one, save loads of backache during the first stages
Axle Stands Supporting car Fairly often You will always have a use for these
Pop rivet gun Fixing rivets Very often Get a good one or even an electric gun
Rivnut gun Fixing dash, fuel tank, nosecone Rarely Makes some fixings easier in the long run
Sealant gun Sealing body panels Fairly often At only a few pounds, worthwhile addition
Wire Brush To clean off those dirty bits Fairly often Depends on whether you buy new or 2nd hand bits
Crimper Fixing Wiring connections Fairly often If you buy Westfield's loom you won't have to use it so often, good for later though
Soldering Iron Fixing Wiring connections Fairly often Always best to solder wiring connections as well as crimp them
Multimeter Testing wiring Rarely Depends on how much DIY you want to do
Hydraulic Jack Jacking up car Very often You will always find a need for one, get the lowest you can find
Engine Hoist Fitting Engine Rarely Unless your always taking out your engine
Pipe bender Fitting brake/fuel pipes Rarely Borrow one if you can
Easibleed Bleeding brakes Rarely Can be done by 2 people without this tool

Other Items you may need

Description Main Use Notes
Cable Ties Securing wiring plus more Can be used whilst building to temp hold items & used in final build
1" & 2" Masking tape Marking holes in fibre glass, painting parts Loads of other uses too
WD40 Releasing and fitting oil I swear by this stuff
Locktite Sealing/locking fixings Several type available
Silicone Sealant Sealing body panels Can also use Bonding sealant, don't use any with fungicide in it
Wet 'n Dry sandpaper use for trimming, keying Get multi-pack of various grades
Wire wool Polishing and cleaning Fine grade is best, WD40 and wool cleans S.Steel a treat
Hammerite Painting of suspension/Steering parts Some parts come in un-treated state, paint as soon as possible
Copper Grease Suspension Use on all suspension fittings etc
Tippex Marking bolts Pens are good or just use an indelible marker
Face masks Protection Use when cutting/filing fiberglass
Latex Gloves Protection Ideal for messy jobs, also make good water bombs!

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