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~ Brief History of Westfield ~

Just a short article about Westfield's History.

A Brief History of the Car goes like this: Westfield made a nice car, go and buy it - By the way, I don't work for them

But Seriously:

In 1982, Chris Smith (a racing driver from the 60's - 70's) had the idea to build a Kitcar. Believe it or not, it wasn't a Sevenesque type kit-car. The first car produced was a Lotus 11 look-alike, closely followed with a Series 1 Lotus 7 replica. Later in 1986 they produced the Series 3 Lotus 7 replica. This is now known as the "Pre-lit" and it was this car that caused a stir in the Caterham ranks due to copyright laws and resulted in a law suit in 1987. From this was born the SE/Sew & SeiW of which the basic shape has not changed to present day.
Some of the differences from the Caterham are independent rear suspension and more engine options and they have dealers all around the world including: Belgium, Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan & are also known in the USA.

In 1991 the famous "Seight" was launched with is the V8 powered Rover engine. There have been many other stepping stones like 1995 when Westfield Race series was launched and in 1998 the awesome Fw400 came about.
Just lately an all new type of car, the XTR2 & XTR4 were launched and have shown great potential in races.

Westfield is a family run business that turn out around 400 cars a year from their Dudley, West Midlands base with about 60 employees. This is by no means a small fly by night company. They produce quality cars and are seen as Caterhams No.1 rival, what more needs to be said.