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~ Westfield Models ~

This a guide only on the models past and present with a basic spec of what is available
It is by no means a complete list, if there is anything else you need to know, contact Westfield on - 01384 400077
If you think any of this spec if not correct, please let me know.

Note: Westfield Sportscars from time to time offer "SPECIALS", See NEWS & ARTICLES Page.

Model Year
Details Peformance Spec ** Picture
Eleven 1982 - 1986
Re-released '04
This was one of Westfield's first creations with MG Midget donor parts. Fitted with the BMC 1275 "A" series engine. Due to popular demand, it has now re-released and is available for purchase.
Bhp:  65@6000
Torq: 75@3000
0-60:  8.5
Speed: 132
23b 1982 A GRP bodied 2 seater racing car of which there were only 6 ever made. Primarily produced for an american customer. To the right is a pic of an actual Lotus 23b for demonstration purposes only! 0-60: 7.0 23b
  This was the car that caused all the trouble with Caterham hence the name "Pre-Litigation". It had ali panels as opposed to the Glass fibre bodies now used.
Suspension was from the MG/Herald and was identical in size and shape to the Caterham.
Seven Se
1986 - 1988
This car is no longer available in kit form but if you call Westfield's, they can still supply bits for it including a complete body panels on exchange.
Too many Engine variants to specifyPre-lit
1988 - 1995 approx The SE was the basic model available. Also known as the Narrow body. The suspension was a 5 link fixed axle (modified Escort) known as a "Live Axle".
Engine packages include: Pinto, Crossflow, CVH but I suspect there are a lot of specials out there too.
This car is no longer available in kit form but if you call Westfield's, they can still supply bits for it including a complete body panel kit.
Too many Engine variants to specifySE
SEW1988 - Current The Sew was basically the same as the SE with same Engine packages, steering, rear suspension etc.  The only difference was it had a wide body.  This could accommodate larger customers or people who wanted just that bit more room. This is still available today. Too many Engine variants to specifySEW
SEIW1988 - Current The Seiw was basically the same as the Sew but with independent rear suspension.
Early Seiw had Escort english Diff in a westfield cast alloy box with custom half shafts.
Later models had Diff/halveshafts are from a Ford Sierra. Both had twin swinging arms front and back.
Rear Brakes were fitted from an Escort Mk3. 
Too many Engine variants to specifySeiw
ZEi Coming soon  
ZEi 130 Coming soon  
ZEI 2201994 - Not Known This is the 2 litre turbo-charged Cosworth engined car. Fitted with injection, LSD and a Borg Warner T5 gearbox and only weighing in at around 750kg. This it's a quick car indeed. Bhp:  220@6250
Torq: 215@4250
0-60:  5.0
Speed: 130
FW400 1999 - Not Known This car was built around a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and only weighed 400kg hence the name.  The engine is a Rover 1.8 vhpd. Fitted with a 5 speed transaxle. This is a rare beast as it is no longer made - pity.
Bhp:  190@7000
Torq: 150@5750
0-60: 3.1
Speed: 136
SDV2003 - Current The Single Donor Vehicle (SDV) based on the Sierra (OHC engined). This has the added advantage of being able to use the Sierra's Registration plate.  Parts used from the donor include: Engine, Gearbox, Front uprights with callipers & hubs, Rear Diff with half-shafts & brakes, battery and V5 document. Some parts need to be modified by Westfield though.Too many Engine variants to specifySDV
Weasel Coming Soon  
1600Q 2002 - Current The basic model of the set, this 1600 cc powered CVH car is still impressive.  Only available in Module form. This car is based on the Seiw Chassis.
Bhp: 105@6000
Torq: 97@4000
0-60: 7.2
1800Q 2002 - Current In the same stable as above, the 1800Q is equipped with the faithful Zetec 1800 giving a plentiful 150 bhp. Only available in Module form. This car is based on the Seiw Chassis.
Bhp:  150@6250
Torq: 111@4250
0-60:  5.8
Speed: 130
Sport 1800 2002 - Current The Sport 1800 is fitted with the Ford Zetec engine. Available in Kit form. Modules or fully built. This car is based on the Seiw Chassis.
Bhp:  155@6250
Torq: 132@4250
0-60:  5.4
Speed: 130
Sport 1800
Sport 2000 2002 - Current The 2 litre version of the Sport is supplied with an All Aluminium Duratec Engine putting out a very impressive performance. Also available in Kit or factory built form. This car is based on the Seiw Chassis.
Bhp:  190@6750
Torq: 155@4500
0-60:  4.2
Speed: 130
Sport 2000
Megablade 2001 - Current Another Bike engined offering from Westfield is the Blade.  It's Honda powered and perfect for road or track.
Bhp:  127@10,000
Torq: 90@8500
0-60:  4.1
Speed: 128
Megabird 2001 - Current The Blackbird engined car comes out with an 1100cc engine and is the bigger brother of the Blade. Based on the same "Mega" chassis.
Bhp:  163@9500
Torq: 88@7250
0-60:  3.9
Speed: 128
Megabusa 2001 - Current With it's 1300 Suzuki GSXR Engine, this has got to be the cream of bike engined cars. Named as Britain's quickest car in 2001 and still one of the top performers.
Bhp:  178@9800
Torq: 102@7000
0-60:  3.48
Speed: 140
Seight 1991 - Current This is the 3.9 litre version V8 car although a few were made with other capacities. Big engine in a little car, not surprising it's so quick and sounds great with it's twin exhausts.
Bhp:  200@4750
Torq: 235@2600
0-60:  4.3
Speed: 138
Xtr2 2001 - Current The first of this series, the Xtr2 is the Hayabusa engined and is seriously fast.  Made primarily for the track but useable on the roads too.
Bhp:  178@9800
Torq: 102@8500
0-60:  3.1
Speed: 156
Xtr4 2004 - Current This is an awesome track car with it's Turbo 1800 DOHC Audi engine and larger cockpit. More powerful upgrades are available to take it up to 225 bhp.
Bhp:  193@5500
Torq: 173@5000
0-60:  3.9
Speed: 160 (est)
Sport 2000 S 2005 - Current The Flagship of the Westfield sportscar range, the Sport 2000s comes as a fully built or complete modular kit form. Built with a new lightweight chassis, solid mounted engine, new front anti-rollbar setup and many more developments, this is a fantastic addition to the range.
Bhp:  250@7500
Torq: 192@6000
0-60:  3.2
Speed: 148
Sport 2000s
** All performance figures are estimated as it depends on the final specifications which may vary.

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