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~ How to Own a Westfield ~

There are 5 LEGAL ways you can become an owner of a Westfield Sports-car, they are as follows.

  1. Factory Built:
    Westfield's can produce a turnkey car for you which can be registered on a new plate.  This is for people who either do not have the time or the skills to build their own car. See Westfield Sportscars Website for available options.
  2. Module Form:
    The Module form car is available in six parts. These can be bought in one go or individually as you require.  This car will be to the same spec as the factory built car although I beleive you can upgrade some of the parts as you go along.
  3. Kit Form (Multi Donor):
    This is probably the most common way to own a Westy. You can choose from the SE, SEI, Seight or the Mega range. The rest of the components can either be bought from Westfield's themselves (new) or from scrap yards, auto jumbles and kit car shows etc.
    You can really customise your car this way and make it as individual as you like.
  4. Kit Form (Single Donor):
    Known as the SDV, this kit is based on a Ford Sierra (OHC engined). This has the added advantage of being able to use the Sierra's Registration plate.  Parts used from the donor include: Engine, Gearbox, Front uprights with callipers & hubs, Rear Diff with halfshafts & brakes, battery and V5 document. Some parts need to be modified by Westfield though.
  5. Pre Owned:
    There are many pre-owned Westfield's available from many sources including the factory. See the Kit Car Sales page for more options.