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~ Ian & Craig's XTR4 Pics ~

This is car was formerly owned and run by Ian and Craig from the Website.
He has given me kind permission to show these pictures and spec just to show what your all missing.

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A Stunning black factory built Westfield XTR4

(The following has been taken from Ian's sales pitch from when it was for sale)

The perfect trackday special? We think so. As fast (or faster in certain places) as a similar power Radical without the worries of running costs that those are saddled with, thanks to the Audi 1.8t powerplant. You KNOW that engine doesn't need any special maintenance, tinkering, refreshing after a few miles or any other such rubbish.

With 180 to 195hp (don't know exact figure, engine is the 180hp Audi unit, with good induction, free flow exhaust and an "aggressive" map, all done by Audi Holland technicians and warranted by Westfield, who guestimate 195hp) and similar torque (from around 2k rpm) the car is adequately fast. 0-100 is comfortably quicker than a 996 GT3 RS, 100-120 is similar. Given the car weighs less than 600kg it's hardly surprising it's fairly quick. If that's not enough, the Audi engines are very, very easy to tune, from a simple 210hp remap to 300hp with a new turbo, ECU and injectors. If you want to scare yourself, 300hp is a good option.

We've completed 3 trackdays in the car and on those days it was faultless. Handling is fantastic, the corner speed is truly amazing and in a totally different league to any other road car, it's setup at the moment to be very friendly, so is fairly neutral, high speed cornering leads to mild oversteer which is easily corrected. That's not to say it's easy to drive, but it certainly isn't intimidating.

It's road legal as well of course. Surprisingly, it's perfectly happy trundling around town or back roads, if desired the suspension is easily and quickly raised to give more ground clearance. It's no offroader, but general road driving holds no worries. Again with the Audi powerplant and gearbox you've nothing to worry about like on/off bike clutches as fitted to most other trackday type machinery.

This car is not to be confused with the orange prototype Westfield supplied to the press. This car has a properly sorted gearbox and the brakes work, as well they should, they're AP Motorsport callipers, proper Motorsport items recommended for single seaters and other lightweight machinery.

Obviously genuine AP disks are used along with Ferodo 2500 pads. Any maintenance needed is easy thanks to the removable front and rear sections, giving total access and freedom to work. In addition to the factory spec, we have upgraded the following:

  • Stack 8130 pyramid system with shift and waning lights. This is an all in one unit which displays oil temp and pressure, water temp, fuel level and air temp. Additional units can be added for accurate lap timing.
  • Intake temp display, to make sure charge temps are acceptable
  • SPA dual boost gauge, the most accurate boost gauge on the market along with accurate exhaust gas temp sensor.
  • Custom Nitron shock absorbers made specifically for the exact suspension movement and loading of the car by Nitron, these are NOT generic factory supplied Nitrons.
  • Eibach ERS springs. These are the best you can buy. Main springs with Eibach helper springs are used.
  • As stated, AP Motorsport Calipers, AP disks and bells, Ferodo 2500 pads
  • Image 3 piece ultra light weight wheels, 7" front, 8" rear with Avon ACB10s.
Other main spec
  • Audi 1.8 20valve Turbo, Mid-engined, with Audi 5 speed transaxle
  • Factory Built
  • Removable Front section Removable Rear Section
  • Fully independent double wishbone suspension with anti roll bars
  • 1.5 turn quick rack
  • Twin plane adjustable rear wing
  • Black upholstered Westfield racing bucket seats with Willans 4point racing harnesses
  • Removable Steering wheel

We don't beleive you can make a decision on buying a car like this on a road drive, there's no way on earth you can get anywhere near its awesome potential anywhere else but on track so we are prepared arrange test drives for seriously interested parties at Bruntingthorpe proving ground.

I have to emphasise there is nothing else like this, you've got 99% the thrill of a Radical and JP1 for 50% of the cost and 25% of the running cost. No matter what you currently drive, you will be blown away.

Ian Gratton