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Some tips on getting your electrics sorted. More to come when I can source them.
Note: Always seek advice from a Qyalified Electrician if in doubt.

Race Technology Dash2 Installation and Configuration - A great article submitted by Frosty from the WSCC on how to Install a RT Dash2, how to configure it and other information pertinent to fitting one of these Digital Dashboards.

Durite Switches Wiring: - The Durite range of switches are very robust and professional looking, however, wiring them up is a pain as the diagram that comes with them is simply how the contacts are arranged.
I have created (after many blown fuses) a few diagrams of the more popular switches which should save you lots of headaches and some blown fuses of your own.
If you have any diagrams you would like to add, please send them to me and I will add them.

Daihatsu Alternator: - Many people have elected to fit the Diahatsu Charade or Nippon Denso type Alternator to their "7" as this is much lighter and can cope with higher revs.
This is a short guide on how to wire it up and fit it.

Ford Alternators: - These have a 3 wire connector on the rear casing. They are wired as follows:
Two large wires can either go directly to the Battery, or (which can be more convenient) to the Starter Motor's main connector.
One small grey wired (sometimes blue), goes to the Ignition bulb which is then wired directly to a fused Live feed.

How it works:
The current that goes through the ignition light circuit feeds a small 3-5 amps through to the slip rings into the rotating field windings. This produces a rotating magnetic field.
This field 'cuts' the static windings inducing an AC current in them which is then rectified to DC and regulated to 15 ish volts max to charge the battery.
No field current, no magnetic field, no output. Once charging, voltage on both ends of the ignition light circuit become the same so there is no flow of current and the light goes out.

Wiring Diagrams: - Click on the link to see an example of a wiring diagram for my Westy. This is a home made loom which includes a Starter Button, ETB Instruments and VDO sender units.
* There are now 3 ways to view it including a Zoomable verson.*
It may be of some help if just wiring up some of your cars bits & pieces, OR if you want to wire the whole car, it can be used as a guideline. If you would like a copy for editing purposes, I can email it to you in Visio or Cad format.

I am not an Auto Electrician so I take no responsibility if you decide to use this diagram or any part of it.

How to Wire a Car: - Here is a link to the Car Constructors Website on How to wire your car, giving wire amp rates, and much more. It's a very helpful guideline.

How to wire an Electric Radiator Fan: - The Link above shows a simple diagram of how to wire up an Electric fan for a Radiator using a Relay.