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~ Technical - Steering & Suspension~

I Hope some of these tips "Steer" you in the right direction :-)

WESTFIELD SUSPENSION SETUP - Recommended baseline settings for a Westfield including Camber, Toe-in and Height adjustmens.

Front Uprights - There are very few Cortina’s about now and even if you can find one, chances are that the front uprights have already been taken.
Another option is a Hyundai Steller.  This car was made around 1986-91 and uses the same suspension setup, disks and callipers as the ageing Cortina. So unless you want to go the expensive alloy setup – this is the one to go for.

Ignition Lock - If you have the older type Allegro Steering column, you can replace the ignition lock with a unit from the Maxi or Rover Metro and maybe even the Maestro.  This is a direct replacement and fits perfectly with all the wiring the same.

The Steering column - Steering Columns on a lot of the earlier Fords are I believe the same as the Allegro/Montego unit with the same number of splines (32). The lower column on the Austin/Rover variants (Allegro, Maestro, Montego) have a lower column with a U/J at each end. This can be cut and lengthened to suit your car and will then fit directly to a Ford steering rack and/or a Ford upper column.
Obviously, any alterations of this kind can have catastrophic effects if not done correctly so if unsure, get it done by a professional welder.
Also check fitment before you buy as Ford do change there spec from time to time.