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Some inside information on getting your interior sorted. Get comfy and read on.

Heating - At almost £200.00 for a heater from Europa not including vents and ducting, you may want to look at other options.
The old faithful Mini has a very small heater but are in limited supply as are Land Rover heaters. These are basic units and you can also rob the ducting etc to modify for your Westy.
Other options include, Volkswagen Polo (Mk1 & 2) & Hair Dryers – Yes they will work and are SVA compliant as you only need to demist the screen. There are many “Mini” type cars out there so get your overalls on and take a look.

Dash Designer - It too me ages to decide how I wanted my Dash to look, bits of paper, cutting out templates etc.
I have created a "Dash Designer" which will help you do just that by moving about the images on a web template using a Drag 'n Drop tool.
If nothing else, it's fun. (Click on link above)