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~ Technical - Engines ~

Here is a whole host of stuff for Engines & Gearbox's, you should find something interesting here.
A bit of the Technical stuff on this page has been written by Dave Andrews.

Bike Engine Specs & Comparison - A Comparison table for 24 of the more powerful bike engines about today

Car Engine Specs & Comparison - This is a comparison table for the more popular car engine choices with weight, dimensions etc. Now includes Rover V8.

Engine Weights - Want to know how heavy your engine is, check this out.

Engine & Transmission Weights - Engine and Transmission Weights are here.

Fitting a Vauxhall XE - My Guide to fitting an XE into a Narrow bodied SE (with parts list)

Gearbox Specs & Comparison - Another comparison table to help you choose your gearbox

How to Powertune a Ford SOHC - This is a manual on how to Power Tune a Pinto Engine -
Note: Acrobat Reader required - 34.7kb

Remote Gear Extention - A DIY option for a remote linkage to fit a Type 9 Gearbox. (Right click and "Save as" .pdf file)

Dellorto DHLA Carb Tuning - This is a brilliant article on Tuning the Dellorto DHLA Carburettors by Dave Andrews. It has the added advantage that you can download it too.

Webber DCOE Carb Tuning - Another brilliant article as above but on the Webber DCOE Carbs.

Camshaft Selection - A Guide to Camshaft selection by Dave Andrews

Ignition Timing - This describes how to set-up you ignition for Modified Engines by Dave Andrews.

Rover K Series Development - A must read on the K Series engine if your thinking of fitting/upgrading one from Dave Andrews.

Engine Management - The basics of engine management can be found here by kind permission of Dave again.

Making a Quick shift - Dave's guide to making a quick shift for a Ford Gearbox.Visit