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Some cool information on getting your temperature down.

Electric Fan Thermostat switch: - There are some engines that prefer to run a bit cooler but the electric fan doesn't cut in until around 90-95 degrees. This can be a problem especially on alloy engines that don't like to be cooked.
I have found that a FIAT UNO's electric fan switch is an identical fitting for the Polo Radiator and will switch in at around 87-92 degrees. You will however have to wire in the connector from the same car.

Radiator Fan Cowling: - If your temperature is still getting too high on a run and you don't have the vented nosecone, a favourite is to blank off the area between the radiator and the nosecone. This will then force any air coming into the grill straight through the Rad and not circumvent it.
This can be made out of alloy and bolted to the radiator itself. To ease taking off the nosecone, don't make it too tight against the nosecone otherwise it will be difficult to remove the nose and face it slightly forward like a cone.

Cooling Problems: - Are you having problems with overheating or Oil spilling out everywhere, click on this link to read this article by Dave Andrews.

Zetec Cooling: - A five page article by E.M Engineering on how to plumb, Modify the 1800/2.0 for Westfield and test.