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Some bodywork tips, well we have to have it looking nice don't we.

Carbon Fibre DIY: - A PDF Document with a DIY guide to making your own Carbon Fibre Mouldings.
This is a great guide taken from a Forum and kindly put together into one readable document for you to use.


A Modification to the fog lights seen at Donnington. This is a simple mod to ensure the fog light is vertical for the SVA.


A Very nice modification for the rear light clusters to replace those trailer type lights. These are available from ESP Plastics (See "Links by name" page for website & further details)


An Overall picture of the above modification giving a better view as seen by the person you just passed.


Have you seen these very snazzy half height Side-screens? I saw them at Stoneleigh this year and they look great, very good quality. They will also zip onto a Tonneau cover and will fit Aero or Full screened cars. Custom made by a guy called Steve, they are £120.00 a pair plus postage.  If you are interested, you can contact Steve on 07977 867293

Cycle Wings: - Don't fancy splitting your newly acquired cycle wings or seeing the unsightly fixings, then just bond them on. This process is being used more and more in the Sevenesque marquee and some say it is even stronger than the GRP itself.
The adhesive to use is sickaflex, Tigerseal or Loctite 3951. This can be used equally as well on Clamshell type wings too. One drawback though is that once they're on - THEY'RE ON so don't go bumping or knocking them as you will have one hell of a job replacing them again.

Fiberglass Repairs: - This is an article on how to repair Fiberglass. You can launch from here, or right click the link and "Save Target as". You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.